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Touring Theatre Technician

specialising in theatre lighting design and management

Born and raised in Boston, Lincolnshire, Nathan has had involvement in a variety of projects and businesses around the East of England from a young age.

Aside from being a senior partnership member in Boston in Bloom, Nathan has worked for a variety of industries including hospitality, live entertainment, wholesale and many more, all with a marketing and design position.

Recently, Nathan has been supporting Smartmove Hotels and Smartmove Lettings as Marketing Manager, overseeing a new corporate, branding and promotion strategy to enable the established chains to develop further.

Nathan currently owns and operates three successful businesses, namely The Elite Media Co., Boston’s leading creative agency, providing web and graphic design, print and merchandising; Boston VIBE, Boston’s only positive and real news outlet, and The Ticket Co., a new, simple and easy to use ticket purchasing platform.

2021 saw Nathan agree to support the hugely popular Miss England campaign, providing video editing services, and digital media services through The Elite Media Co., and also be a part of the Miss England Finals taking place in Coventry in June.

Nathan’s extensive background in marketing has enabled him to develop corporate and personal friendships across the world, with a variety of different cultures and backgrounds, some famous.

Nathan studied Technical Theatre at Lincoln College, where he originally found his passion for Theatre lighting and still, to this day, you will occasionally find Nathan at the back of a theatre fiddling away with faders and dials operating shows for some of the biggest touring concerts and tribute bands in the world.


The Elite Media Co.

Boston’s leading creative agency

Boston VIBE

Boston’s new positive and real news outlet

The Ticket Co.

The easy ticket purchasing platform


Boston in Bloom

Aiding in the promotion of a cleaner and greener town

Blakes Media Management

One of the leading PR agencies in theUK

Smartmove Hotels

Boston’s leading hotelier and accommodation provider

Miss England

The Miss England Beauty Pageant is the only competition to qualify for Miss World.